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Park High School is incredibly pleased to report even more outstanding achievements by its students in their GCSEs this summer.  We are delighted to see that the sheer hard work, determination and resilience that they have learnt on their learning journey through Park has paid off with dividends in their qualifications. Almost 20% of the students achieved at least one or more Grade 9’s or equivalent - the highest GCSE accolade possible.

Mrs C Eulert, Headteacher at Park High School said:

“These results are no surprise and truly deserved.  Our students have shone, as always, and continue to make us proud.  The results the students have gained are truly exceptional, but our students are more than just a grade and that is what makes this school so special.  They are now ready to take their next steps in life and we wish them further success and happiness.”

Outstanding individual results; Niamh Renshaw – Nine Grade 9’s and one Distinction; Emily Harkley – Four Grades 9’s, two grade 8’s and four grade 7’s; Kathryn Robinson – Four Grade 9’s, two grade 8’s, three grade 7’s and one Distinction*; Douglas Smith – Three grade 9’s, three grade 8’s, three grade 7’s and one Distinction*; Thomas Holgate – Two grade 9’s, five grade 8’s, two grade 7’s and one Distinction*; Mollie Farr – One grade 9 seven grade 8’s, one grade 7 and one grade 6; Rosie Cordeaux – Six grade 8’s, three grade 7’s and one Distinction*; Dillon Hey – Two grade 9’s, four grade 8’s, one grade 7, two grade 6’s and a Distinction.

The following students have made outstanding progress since Key Stage 2 and deserve recognition for their efforts: Mollie Farr, James Ashworth, Isabel Holt, Halle Hendley, Emily Harkley, Tilly Hird, Rufus Howell.

Mr J Tarbox, CEO of The Pennine Trust said:

“Many congratulations to everyone at Park High on the results achieved by pupils this year. This cohort of young people have experienced ongoing disruption due to Covid for half of their secondary education. Success has required dedication and resilience. We take great pride in the achievements of the students and the support, in all its forms, provided by staff.”

“Our best wishes go to everyone in the Class of 2022 both for success as you continue your education, and for future happiness.”