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Local Governing Bodies

The Local Governing Bodies carry the Trust vision, policies and priorities forward, based on the specific qualities and community characteristics of each Academy. They support, question and challenge the Academy Leadership Team, holding them to account. 

Blacko Primary School Local Governing Body
Governor Name Type End of Office
Mr T Root  Co-opted (C) 20th November 2022
Mrs.K Richards Headteacher -
Mrs.H Scholey Co-opted 20th November 2022
Mr H Devonport Co-opted 23rd February 2023
Mr S Frost Co-opted (VC) 20th November 2022
Mrs.E Gauntlett Co-opted 19th June 2022
Mrs.H Wilson Co-opted 20th November 2022
Mr J Osborn  Co-opted 26th October 2020
Mrs.H Swinson Co-opted 19th June 2022
Mr S Jackson Co-opted 20th October 2022
Mrs.E Holden Parent 11th October 2021
Mrs.S Heys Parent 22nd June 2021
Mrs. K Davis Staff (T) 23rd February 2023
Miss H Lord Staff (S) 23rd February 2023
Colne Park High School Local Governing Body
Governor Name Type End of Office
Mr H Devonport Co-opted (C) 10th October 2021
Mr A Hawthorne Co-opted (VC) 12th December 2021
Dr P Parkin Headteacher -
Mr M Gardner Co-opted  28th March 2021
Mr V Green Co-opted 28th September 2020
Mr G Hollos Co-opted 14th September 2019
Mr B Mort Co-opted 26th September 2020
Mr I Walker Co-opted 20th July 2020
Cllr P White Co-opted 10th October 2021
Mr A Robertson Parent 6th December 2021
Mrs. K Clark Parent 7th October 2019
Mrs. J Crowson Parent 6th December 2021
Mrs. L Butler Staff 26th September 2020
Mr A Forsyth Staff 6th March 2022
Laneshaw Bridge Primary School Local Governing Body
Governor Name Type End of Office
Mr M Harrison Co-opted (C) 31st December 2019
Cllr P White Co-opted 16th November 2020
Mrs.J Sharples Headteacher -
Dr Paul Parkin Co-opted 30th November 2019
Mrs.S Turner Co-opted 30th November 2019
Mr H Devonport Co-opted 30th November 2019
Mrs.K Clark Co-opted 18th May 2022
Mrs.J Gorman Co-opted 18th May 2022
Miss N Holding Parent (VC) 22nd May 2021
Mrs.N Dawson Parent 1st February 2021
Mrs.K Entwistle Staff  8th October 2022
Mrs.K Wood Staff 8th October 2022
Lord Street Primary School Local Governing Body
Governor Name Type End of Office
Mrs.K Atherton Co-opted 31st August 2020
Mrs.A Denton Co-opted (C) 28th June 2020
Mr D Hetherington Headteacher -
Dr P Parkin Co-opted 5th December 2022
Mr D Clegg Co-opted 30th November 2020
Mrs.G Clegg Co-opted 20th March 2021
Mrs.J Crowson Co-opted 18th September 2021
Mr M Speak Co-opted (VC) 18th September 2021
Mr P Catterall Co-opted 18th September 2021
Miss H Hutchinson Co-opted 2nd November 2019
Mrs.R Manser Parent 30th January 2021
Mrs.L Brunton Parent 9th October 2021
Mrs. C Birkett Parent 30th January 2021

*The Chair is indicated in the tables as (C) and Vice-Chair is indicated as (VC).