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  • Blacko Primary School
  • Colne Park High School
  • Laneshaw Bridge Primary School
  • Lord Street Primary
Pennine Trust

Local School Committees

The Local School Committees carry the trust vision, policies and priorities forward, based on the specific qualities and community characteristics of each school. They support, question and challenge the school's senior leadership team, holding them to account. The constitution for each local school committee is five co-opted members, two parent members and one staff member in addition to the headteacher.   


If you have noticed a vacancy at one of our schools and would like to understand more about the role, we warmly invite you to reach out and express your interest. For any enquiries or to initiate the application process, please contact Ben Walker. Engaging directly via this email will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the position in more detail and understand how your skills and experiences align with our needs. We look forward to hearing from potential candidates who are eager to contribute to our educational community.

Blacko Primary Local School Committee

Governor Name Type End of Office
Kate Richards (Headteacher) Ex-officio -
Emma Gauntlett Co-opted 17th June 2026
Hilary Wilson (Chair) Co-opted 18th November 2026
Lesley Wilson Co-opted 5th February 2027
Vacancy 1 Co-opted -
Vacancy 2 Co-opted -
Kate Atkinson Parent 24th February 2026
Hannah Marsden Parent 31st January 2027
Jessica Gibson Staff 22nd December 2027

Colne Park High Local School Committee

Governor Name Type End of Office
Cathy Eulert (Headteacher) Ex-officio -
Ian Walker (Chair) Co-opted 9th July 2027
David Bailey Co-opted 14th December 2025
Karen Clark Co-opted 1st October 2027
Gerald Hollos Co-opted 13th September 2027
Penny Sutcliffe Co-opted 14th December 2025
Lynne Braddock Parent 21st February 2027
Vacancy 1 Parent -
Vacancy 2 Staff -

Laneshaw Bridge Primary Local School Committee

Governor Name Type End of Office
Gaynor Canty (Headteacher) Ex-officio -
Paul White (Chair) Co-opted 18th January 2027
Grace Barritt Co-opted 6th February 2027
Lucie Sutcliffe Co-opted 28th January 2027
Sara Turner Co-opted 28th September 2027
Vacancy 1 Co-opted -
Lisa Burnham Parent 20th June 2025
Thomas Heaton Parent 23rd March 2027
Rob Harrison Staff 23rd March 2027

Lord Street Primary Local School Committee

Governor Name Type End of Office
Hayley Walsh (Headteacher) Ex-officio -
Jo McCue (Chair) Co-opted 28th November 2025
Hayley Berry Co-opted 28th November 2025
Bushra Kamal Co-opted 28th November 2025
Angela Denton Co-opted 27th June 2024
Vacancy 1 Co-opted -
Vacancy 2 Parent -
Vacancy 3 Parent -
Amber Thwaite Staff 1st March 2027